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How We Market Your Home

How We Market Your Home

Getting the best price in the least amount of time is about finding the right buyers for your property. That takes a dynamic marketing plan using targeted media and internet exposure + printed advertising. Our resources for in-town and out-of-town buyers are unmatched.

The Internet as a Marketing Tool:

Technology is a powerful tool in today’s real estate market.  My presence on the Internet gives your home or land maximum exposure to potential buyers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Worldwide access to information about your home on websites is available on:

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Photography and Virtual Tour Sites:




Social Media Share

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Newspaper and Magazine Advertising:

Your home will be showcased to thousands of weekly readers by aggressively advertising in the region’s most widely read publications.  Our targeted advertising efforts include the best newspapers in the area:

Weekly in The Mountain Democrat and Village Life

Monthly in the San Jose Mercury News, East Bay Real Estate Guide Magazine and Wall Street Journal

Luxury Home Magazine is a high-end quality print magazine targeting affluent buyers of million dollar + homes in the most desirable luxury homes markets across the United States.  Inside the pages of Luxury Home Magazine, buyers will find glossy full-color pages with artistic, professional photography that shows off the best-of-the-best of our luxury homes listings.

Staging Your Home:

You’ll be given tips on preparing your home for sale. You’ll also receive information to assist you in preparing your home for each showing.  First impressions, of course, are the most important so we will work together to make the strongest of first impressions.  We refer to this task as “ShowTime”.

Professional Photography:

One of our favorite photographers, Martin Beebee, takes the pictures that really show off your home. Pictures are worth a thousand words.  Both inside and outside photos give prospective buyers a ‘welcome home’ feeling.

Virtual Tours:

Buyers can see the great features by looking at Virtual Tours and additional professional photographs of your home.  See what your home will look like with a Marilyn Goff Team Virtual Tour HERE.

 Professional Flyer Presentation:

You take pride in your home, so why not show it off.  We photograph the exterior of your exceptional home plus the interior rooms and display them in a full-color interior flyer that can be taken home by potential buyers.

When the buyers go back home to decide, they have a complete listing of all the amenities and professional photographs to remind them of the quality and luxury of your home. They can refer to it again and again.

Getting your home ready for all the advertising that we do is Sherida Raddigan and Sarah Phillis

Iphone, Android and Other SmartPhones


When you access www.marilyngoff.com on your SmartPhone you will automatically be switched to a SmartPhone-friendly version of the property.

I don’t stop at making sure your home or land has the best exposure to as many buyers as possible.  I have developed a team of professionals to make sure that the minute a prospective buyer becomes interested in seeing your property and calls to make an appointment, that there is a fully licensed Buyer’s Agent to take them to your home or land listing.  That way, if I am already on an appointment, there is a someone to show your property right now.  Meet Trent Andra, Len Lewin, Patrick Smith and Lori Nalley

Keeping the office running smoothly and being the first person to interact with you when you come into our office or call is Marti Keller.

Alesia DeVol takes over all the paperwork when you accept a buyer’s offer.  There are so many tasks to attend to and Alesia manages to keep everything organized.

We even have a team member who makes sure that the professional flyers are replenished
in the flyer box in front of your home so that an interested buyer can take one and see all the information and how to get in touch with us to show your property.

The team concept didn’t develop overnight.  As the real estate industry became more complicated, we decided that we needed experts on every level.  We now have a team of people whose only goal is to help you sell your real estate with as little drama as possible.

Find out how professional the experience of selling your home or land can be.

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