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By Wendy Schultz of the Mountain Democrat

After 27 years in the real estate industry, Marilyn Goff is still learning. “Real estate is always changing. Every transaction is unique and there is always something new to learn.”

Goff didn’t plan to become a real estate agent. When her husband Thayne accepted a two-year job commitment in El Dorado County, Goff didn’t want to bring her three small children to California. “But we came out here and I fell in love with El Dorado County,” said Goff. “I grew up on a ranch in a small town in Idaho and this felt like home. It’s the most beautiful place.”

The Goffs raised their three children — Nicole, Jason and Heidi — and now have 10 grandchildren who bring Goff delight. And during the workday Goff loves the business of real estate — meeting with buyers and sellers, finding a match and creating win-win transactions that work for everyone concerned.

“After we sold our home in Denver to come to California, I found the process so interesting and easy to follow,” said Goff. She worked for Leslie Cook of Cook & Cook Realtors and was soon asked if she wanted to open an insurance office for Cook & Cook. “I got my real estate license and my insurance license,” said Goff, “but they decided against the insurance office, so I decided to go into real estate.”

Her first year as a real estate agent, Goff excelled and qualified as a member of the prestigious Top Achievers Club.

“In the early years, I spent more time with buyers, building relationships,” said Goff. “It was exciting to go out with them and listen to what they had to say. That is a key to real estate — being a good listener.” Goff enjoyed learning what her buyers liked and didn’t like and used her intuitive skills to find the perfect home.

“Later, I worked more with sellers, creating pathways to get the home sold for the highest and best price in the shortest amount of time,” she continued.

She learned to put everything in writing so agents, clients and buyers were all on the same page and she continued to take classes and learn the newest, cutting-edge techniques for real estate.

“There’s been a 100 percent change in the growth of technology which has been wonderful for real estate,” said Goff. “I wanted to create a business within a business, aggressively advertising to promote and market homes. I explored everything I could do to get our homes out to the right areas and the further out I reached, the more success we had.”

Goff said she’s proud to work at Lyon Real Estate, the No. 1 real estate company in four counties. She had built her own team who keep The Goff Team running at a high level with the newest technology along with advertising both nationally and internationally.

“Whether buying or selling, it’s important to me that my clients have a great real estate experience,” Goff said. “I treasure the repeat business that comes from my clients and that many have become good friends.”

Her dream and business vision has not only benefitted her clients, but also her family. Goff’s son Jason and her son-in-law Trent are successful real estate agents.

“You have to find something you love to do. It may take a few years, but educate yourself and find that thing you enjoy the most,” said Goff.

What gets her through challenging days is the thought of her mother, widowed at 42 with nine children, a 500-acre ranch and a load of debt. “She went back to college, got her bachelor’s degree in teaching and, after the kids were grown, her master’s degree. She raised nine kids, worked on the ranch and taught school,” Goff explained. “Thinking about what she was able to do always makes my day better. Faith in God also brings me peace and is a blessing in my life.”

Contact Goff at MarilynGoff.com or call 866-817-GOFF or 530-672-4350. Lyon Real Estate is located at 3360 Coach Lane in Cameron Park.