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What Benefits Do You Get From a Home Inspection?

As a Seller:

Your home has been on the market for a month and you have just received your first offer. In the offer, the buyers have decided that they will have a Home Inspector go over all the structural parts and systems in your home before signing the final documents obligating them to buy your home.

Their real estate agent had them include a contingency clause in the purchase contract that they had the right to have a home inspection, review the report and get back to you with a list of items that they want fixed before they sign the final documents. When they see that there are problem wires in the attic, they become concerned that there may be problems with all the wiring throughout the house. Buying and/or selling a home is a very emotional time and the buyers are making one of the biggest purchases of their lifetime, so they are being doubly cautious.

As the Real Estate Agent listing your home for sale, we will discuss the pre-listing home inspection, making it possible to address any problems prior to showing the property and providing you with an inspection report to use as a home sales tool.

In the example, if you had a pre-listing home inspection and found the wire issue, it would have been an easy fix. That little mouse may not have eaten any more wiring than you could see in the attic and that would be a very small fix. Then when the buyer brought their Home Inspector in, there would have been no ‘panic’ that there was extensive damage. There was no issue – you fixed the wire.

I will put you in touch with a trained, experienced professional Home Inspector. You don’t have control over who the buyer picks to inspect your home,so don’t let there be any surprises, find out ahead of time what needs to be fixed and fix it.  Unfixed problems can lead to lowering your price during negotiation.

 As a Buyer:

You budgeted and saved for the down payment. With me as your real estate agent, we have found the home that meets your needs and you are excited about your upcoming move. You know that the payments are doable, and we are going to be sitting down to write an offer at which time I will explain about home inspections.

Unlike appraisals that determine the market value of the home, a home inspection determines the condition of the home.

What you don’t want to happen is to move into your new home and discover that the windows leak the first time it rains, that there isn’t enough insulation in the attic the minute the temperature reaches the 100-degree range, or that there isn’t enough water pressure in the 1/2 bath that the seller added on to take a shower (or for which the seller ‘forgot’ to take out a building permit, or have a final inspection on the finished room). A Home Inspector can prevent these kinds of surprises from ruining the appreciation of your new home.

Another inspection we will discuss is a roof inspection and certification.  You don’t want to move into a home and have leaks in the roof with the first rain.

Also, rural properties have elements that in-town properties don’t have.  Some of these properties will have water wells and septic tanks.  There are companies that specialize in well and septic tank inspections/certifications and I will make sure that you are in contact with them.

I will also point out how important it is to have a Home Inspection ‘contingency’ written into your purchase agreement. This says that you have a certain amount of time to have a home inspector look over the entire property and give you a written report showing the condition of systems and structures.

You can then review the report and determine which items you want the seller to fix. The ‘Home Inspection Contingency’ in the purchase contract will allow you time to have the inspection, review the report, and if you choose, to renegotiate the contract with the seller to fix the deficiencies that the inspector found. It doesn’t mean the seller will do it, but if you decide that you don’t want to go through with the purchase, you have the right to walk away. Make sure you talk to me about this contingency. I am very interested in protecting your interests and will bring this protection to your attention.

My Buyer’s Agents:

Supporting a buyer or seller through the process of buying or selling their home is very often an emotionally charged experience. A seller has to part with his/her home because of finances, divorce, moving up, moving down, job change (and the kids don’t want to move), being inconvenienced by having to keep the home spic and span for possible viewings by prospective home buyers, and every other little thing that happens. We all know that the issues involved with moving can be overwhelming for any person or family.

The buyer may overlook or not be aware of faulty wiring hiding behind a piece of furniture, or a cracked foundation, or roof leaks, etc. The seller may have done cosmetic fixes so that these things were not visible. Since our expertise is helping people find properties that meet your needs and negotiating the best possible outcome for you, we don’t have the skill set to be crawling under homes and making an educated call about the plumbing and foundation.

This is where your Home Inspector becomes your best friend. The training and experience they bring to the table assures that you, the buyer, is making an informed decision and you won’t be wondering after escrow closes why no one found that leak in the skylight. The Home Inspector will find it and will document it.

A pre-listing home inspection for you, the seller. keeps things more in perspective. So many times, a seller doesn’t see the things a buyer will fixate on let alone the big things that can sink a transaction. When a seller thinks their home is worth $50,000 more than it is, it helps to have the Home Inspection Report in front of them. It can help us convince them to be more reasonable and realistic about pricing. Suggesting that the seller protect himself or herself to avoid any surprises later is not only a great way to do business (we are always protecting our clients), but also a practical way to have a professional help us provide great service to you, our clients.

Homes Inspections are a ‘WIN-WIN’ solution for everyone involved in a real estate transaction.